Deyin Xingin the laboratory of Sandra Orsulic at Massachusetts General Hospital

Deyin Xing

Clinical Fellow/Faculty Assistant, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Years: 2003-2007

Fellowships while in the Orsulic Lab:

Department of Defense Training Award

American Association for Cancer Research Scholar in Training Award 2006

Massachusetts General Hospital Fund for Medical Discovery

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Marsha Rivkin Scientific Scholar (declined due to funding overlap)

Publications resulting from work in the Orsulic Lab:

Xing and Orsulic, PNAS, 2005
Xing and Orsulic, Cell Cycle, 2005
Xing et al., Cancer Research, 2006
Wang et al., Differentiation, 2008
Ioffe et al., ESUN, 2009
Xing et al., Cancer Research, 2009
Ibrahim et al., Cancer Research, 2010
Goldberg et al., PNAS, 2010
Righi et al., Cancer Research, 2011